ThinkHouse is a co-living space in Raleigh, NC where new entrepreneurs are launching scalable companies. 


This is your time.  Make it count.

We believe that young entrepreneurs have the power to improve our world.

ThinkHouse provides them with the environment, network, resources, and skills required to build profitable and scalable companies.

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our mission: to help you build a scalable company.

Fellows will receive mentorship and guidance from their Fellowship Sponsoring Partner. These Sponsoring Partners are all seasoned entrepreneurs themselves. Each Fellow will get customized feedback sessions with diverse groups of experts tailored to specific issues his or her venture or initiative is facing.

Fellows will receive support from a peer advisory board with monthly meetings as well as leadership training and development including a weekend retreat. Additionally, Fellows have access to resource providers and professional development at HQ Raleigh and at the three major Triangle universities.

During the 9-month program, Fellows will build a diverse network of connections in the Triangle and nationally. Membership at HQ Raleigh, a local entrepreneurial workspace, will enhance these connections, as will community outreach and media exposure.
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2014-2015 FELLOWS
tiadra sq
Tiadra Faith Simpson

Tia graduated from NC State in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Design Studies. During Entrepreneurial Senior Design she cofounded KonnectBand, a sleek wearable that leverages your phone to contact help in emergency situations. 

Jeremy sq
Jeremy Wall

Jeremy is a cyclist and designer, looking to merge these two fields allowed him to come up with his idea for a line of wearable technology. Through the development of a line of wearable technology with embedded lighting and speakers with a user interface. Jeremy hopes to create life-saving garments with style, performance, and safety for all riders sharing the road.

owen sq
Owen Jordan

Owen is a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Maker as well as the founder of RESQD, a lifestyle brand that creates education opportunities for orphans funded by their very own drawings. He is passionate about character, faith, education and developmental giving.

jesse sq
Jesse Rodar

Fashion designer, Jesse Rodar, is creator of Raleigh’s first luxury sportswear line, SALVO. SALVO is described as the abrupt confrontation of culture and design. SALVO is looking to manufacture a small capsule collection including accessories, and to sell to exclusive boutiques, while building an online presence.

nicholas sq
Nicholas Cioffi
Bulletin Mobile

Nicholas Cioffi co-founded Bulletin Mobile, a technological platform that brings push notifications to students’ smartphones directly from their professors’ computers, with alerts in real-time about class assignments. This digital bulletin board bridges the gap between students and professors, and ensures that important messages aren’t lost in the clutter of email.



sf_team sq
Soroush Jamali Pour, Alex Browne, Fabio Berger
SF Robotics

These three entrepreneurs all graduated from Duke University with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Their education and passion for entrepreneurship sparked SF Robotics, which seeks to automate menial tasks in an inexpensive and efficient way.

sophia sq
Sophia Hyder
Sophia is the Founder and CEO of Evolvemint, a travel-inspired social luxe fashion brand that partners with enterprises and projects that support economic sustainability and gender empowerment. She loves fashion and is passionate about professional development in Asia and Africa.


michael sq
Michael Hoy

Michael Hoy is the cofounder of MusicBox, a web platform for music discovery. He is an ex-professional musician, proud father and lover of soccer chants, Triangle startups, burritos and dance parties.



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