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ThinkHouse Fellows Show Progress, New Class to Come Soon

The inaugural ThinkHouse class has been very busy! We would like to share with you recent updates on their companies and their progress. Surely, these ThinkHouse Fellows are tasting success:

Keegan Guizard: Collegiate Skate Tour, still the national contest series and governing body for college skateboarding, has engaged in youth programs to better provide opportunity for skateboarding youth! We have pilots programs in planning for summer camps in Florida and North Carolina this year. This is a major step toward rolling out a franchise for Collegiate Skate Tour youth programs. Also on the horizon are annual contest events as well as new events, like a Pro-Am Contest in Florida!

ThinkHouse3Zach Milburn: launched early in April. The site currently has around 150 users, 90 services and almost $1000 in sales through the website. CityWix also made it to the semi-finalist round of NC IDEA.

David Shaner: Offline Media has doubled our user base to over 2100 members in Raleigh and served over 20,000 recommendations for amazing things to do here. We closed a funding round of 100k from area investors including the former VP of Angie’s List and are preparing to scale into Durham and Charlotte.

ThinkHouse1Sean Maroni: Since the start of ThinkHouse, BetaVersity has made substantial progress. First, we launched our new mobile learning-by-doing space product called BetaBox. Since the launch on April 15th, we have sold 3 more week-long rentals, and have started work on a second BetaBox to serve the west coast. Second, we have started vertically integrating, by white labeling our own 3D printer and becoming resellers of learning-by-doing products like Leap Motion. We won “Best Startup 2014” at the NCIIA Open Minds conference, won an NSF grant to create a web video series about “best practices” for creating learning-by-doing spaces. We’ve shored up our financial position by generating revenue from customers, and have grown our ad-hoc team to 7 people, each embodying our mission to rethink education.

We are working hard to launch our second annual ThinkHouse Program on August 1st and want to keep you updated on our progress:

•  The Program begins August 1st, 2014.

Applications are open until June 15th. Help us spread the word about this amazing program. Early bird deadline is May 15th.

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