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Dale Lari: A Passion Project

Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform for individual’s entrepreneurial projects. The projects cover a wide range of ideas, but all have some commonalities. Every project sets a fundraising goal and end date; if anything less than the fundraising goal is raised before the end date, all donations are voided. This all or nothing model allows project starters to be leaner in their requests, but also encourages benefactors to keep investing in other projects. In addition, every project offers varying rewards in conjunction with different donation amounts. This is inspired by the traditional arts programs’ practice of providing rewards to their audiences for pledging donations.

Kickstarter is an amazing, modern resource for the young entrepreneur. Not only can a first round of funding be obtained easily, but a fan base can also be built. Since Kickstarter is an international entity, supporters can be reached from all around the world. Built into the platform are sources for supporters to share the project and or their donation on social media, which contracts further supporters.

Our own graduated ThinkHouse Fellow, Saul Flores, utilized Kickstarter in 2012 to fund his passion project, “Footprints.” In 2010 he walked across 10 countries from Ecuador to Charlotte, NC to bring awareness to Latin American issues. This journey was named “Walk of the Immigrants.” He was determined to share his experience and spread the importance of Latin American issues by creating a national traveling exhibit. “Footprints” pledged a goal of $6,700 and was able to raise $10,135 with the help of 210 backers. Not only did he succeed in his fundraising and publicizing goals, but he was also able to rebuild an elementary school and pay for a teacher’s full salary in Atencingo, Mexico where he would have grown up if it were not for his mom’s decision to immigrate to America. More educational resources are continuously being provided with the use of funds generated from the traveling exhibit and photograph purchases.

Now the spotlight has shifted to Saul’s business partner, Edwin Estrada. Earlier this summer he launched a Kickstarter named “Dale Lari” in efforts to continue his late sister’s legacy and fulfill her charitable passions. Larissa Estrada was a vivacious girl who was passionate about her Nicaraguan heritage and her sport, soccer. Lari traveled hours for soccer tryouts, practices and competitions. On her own time she would train and practice, gathering resources from libraries websites, YouTube and television. Her passion for the sport was shared with her closest cousin in Managua, Nicaragua. Every play she researched, every old pair of cleats she collected from teammates and every announcement of a goal made was shared with her cousin and his team in Managua. In 2012, Larissa died after suffering a gunshot wound. It has since been her brother’s passion to carry on his sister’s legacy by continuing her efforts to provide for the soccer teams in Nicaragua. “Dale Lari” Kickstarter ended a few days ago and successfully raised $26,802 of its $24,000 goal. The money raised will fund the purchase of a bus that will travel from North Carolina to Miami where it will be shipped to the Cachorros team in Nicaragua. On the way soccer equipment will be collected at various collection stop points. Once in Nicaragua the bus will be used as a sustainable source of income for the soccer team and a means of transportation for team games and competitions.

Although the Kickstarter is done there is still much help that could be used. Equipment, further donations and overall social media support is still needed. Please contact Larissa’s brother, Edwin Estrada (, to see how you can help. We Support #dalelari.

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