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The ThinkHouse Helped Me Find My Inner Coach

Written by Current ThinkHouse Fellow & CoFounder of BoomboxFM Michael Hoy:

It’s amazing how positively the program has effected my business. My network has tripled in size, our core business functions have tested out, and we SAVED over 17% of our yearly budget thanks to the free office space.


However, one of the most rewarding areas of growth I’ve experienced throughout the ThinkHouse has been in my ability to coach. I’ve always been a coach at heart, but off the soccer field (and within startups) I struggled to find an area of expertise. I found a ton of value in searching for that comfort zone with my ThinkHouse fellows.

Naturally, through constant collaboration you learn that sharing experience and knowledge fosters electric brainstorming and critical thinking. During my time in the ThinkHouse I’ve coached more from experience than academic knowledge, but it’s helped guide me towards a genre of thought I truly feel I’ve mastered; Lean Startup Methods.


So far, in 2015, I’ve been able to coach four different startups, at four different stages with the principals of Lean. Thanks to my ThinkHouse experiences, I have a thriving startup of my own, and a budding consultancy on the side, to keep me sharp.

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