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Say ‘Hi’ to Allison!

Allison Fairbank -  Fresh BoxMeet Allison Fairbank one of our 2015-2016 ThinkHouse fellows! Allison is often mistaken for her identical twin sister but her ideas are uniquely her own. Allison is interested in anything food, electronics, and outdoors related. Fresh Box LLC is the first home food preservation company that keeps food fresh longer by scaling down a leading industrial food preservation technology. In the United States 40% of the food produced goes uneaten costing the average family around $2,000 each year.  Fresh Box is aimed to reduce this avoidable food waste and allow households to purchase food with fewer concerns. Unlike other solutions on the market today such as conventional plastic containers, freezing, and canning – Fresh Box truly keeps food fresh while maintaining it’s natural taste, texture and nutritional content. At Fresh Box we are passionate about addressing the world’s greatest energy, environmental and economic challenges.

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