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Meet Collin!

Collin - LocationINTThinkHouse is excited to introduce Collin Reaves! Collin enjoys spending time with family and friends, bicycling, running, rock climbing, cooking, music, and live concerts. Collin founded LocationINT which is a geospatial intelligence company that provides location intelligence and consumer insights to the real estate industry through the cloud.  LocationINT primarily serves national retailers and REITs with a retail portfolio consisting of outlets, malls, and shopping centers. We can’t wait for Collin to move in at the ThinkHouse and are excited to see what becomes of LocationINT!

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Welcome, Round Three!

ThinkHouseIt’s the most anticipated time of the year! No, it’s not your birthday (unless it is, then Happy Birthday!). But it’s time to find out who the next class of ThinkHouse Fellows are! Stay tuned all week to learn more fun facts about our new fellows and get ready for their names to be released! We can’t wait for them to start their ThinkHouse journey and see all of their great accomplishments!


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The Poor Beggar, The Door-to-Door Salesman, and The Lonely Kid at The Dance.

Written by Current ThinkHouse Fellow & CoFounder of BoomboxFM Michael Hoy:

I recently attended a ThinkHouse Sunday dinner with K4 Connect founder, Scott Moody (also, notably of AuthenTec) and we spent a lot of time talking about demo day horror stories. Product pitches abruptly interrupted by malfunctioning systems, hardware shutting down and never rebooting….COMPLETELY absent clients (gasp). Scott’s a seasoned entrepreneur and has seemingly experienced it all. After a story about a demo beginning with his authorization system screaming “ACCESS DENIED” he mentioned “If you want to make it in start ups, you’ve got to be able to roll with the punches, take the rejection and go again.”

If you’re going to be successful you have to have the mindset of a beggar with a cardboard sign at a busy intersection, putting yourself out there for everyone to seeAnd you know what’s going to happen? A lot of people are going to look at you sideways and drive away, and some people are going to tell you fuck off. But, there will be a couple of people that help you out and you have to push through the ‘no’s’ to finally get to the ‘yes’s’ that will get you by.”

I LOVE this extended metaphor. It’s a refreshing take off of the door to door salesman cliche we hear so often (though, its a cliche for a reason…its so true). In each instance you’re being compared to a rugged, thick skinned, vagabond…impervious to the pain of rejection, CONTINUOUSLY pitching in an attempt to survive.

That sounds familiar…

Scott hits the nail on the head. The reality of being an entrepreneur has been glorified by a couple Hollywood shows and a number of big time public exits. In all actuality, its a grind, and a brutal one at that. Your idea; your baby is condemned virtually everywhere you go. The effort it takes to learn from each rejection, to iterate from each failure is hardly ever recognized. We talk about a lot about praising failure in the community, but hardly ever do we celebrate it. It’s a path that few succeed in because of it’s TAXING nature…one’s confidence can only take so much.

So, what happens if you can’t take the heat? You become the lonely kid at the formal who’s afraid to ask anyone to dance…sitting by himself by the bleachers. Forge on my friends, be resilient because in the end, we’re all just a bunch of nerds looking for the prettiest girl to share a SLOW jam with…keep asking and someone will say yes.


***Learn more about ThinkHouse Fellow Michael Hoy by following him on Twitter or keeping up with his blog

Also learn more about BoomboxFM here.***

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The ThinkHouse Helped Me Find My Inner Coach

Written by Current ThinkHouse Fellow & CoFounder of BoomboxFM Michael Hoy:

It’s amazing how positively the program has effected my business. My network has tripled in size, our core business functions have tested out, and we SAVED over 17% of our yearly budget thanks to the free office space.


However, one of the most rewarding areas of growth I’ve experienced throughout the ThinkHouse has been in my ability to coach. I’ve always been a coach at heart, but off the soccer field (and within startups) I struggled to find an area of expertise. I found a ton of value in searching for that comfort zone with my ThinkHouse fellows.

Naturally, through constant collaboration you learn that sharing experience and knowledge fosters electric brainstorming and critical thinking. During my time in the ThinkHouse I’ve coached more from experience than academic knowledge, but it’s helped guide me towards a genre of thought I truly feel I’ve mastered; Lean Startup Methods.


So far, in 2015, I’ve been able to coach four different startups, at four different stages with the principals of Lean. Thanks to my ThinkHouse experiences, I have a thriving startup of my own, and a budding consultancy on the side, to keep me sharp.

Learn more about ThinkHouse Fellow Michael Hoy by following him on Twitter or keeping up with his blog

Also learn more about BoomboxFM here.

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