Where are they now? Betabox, Sean Maroni, 2013 Fellow


When the first ThinkHouse adventure first started, the Fellows did not know about all the opportunities they would meet and the great projects that would ensue. Three years later we’re catching up with Sean Maroni, an alumni of our first-ever class of Fellows. Sean was only 21 when he started his company, Betabox. Today he shares an update on their progress since being in the ThinkHouse.

My name is Sean Newman Maroni, and I am the founder/CEO of Betabox. Betabox are on demand prototyping experiences for organizations. Most of the time, we’re delivering these experiences in mobile labs. We manufacture these solar-powered facilities which are filled with rapid prototyping tech like 3D printers, laser cutters, and electronics. We aim to create experiences that boost the collective self-efficacy of the groups that go through our events. We’re building a network of Betabox that anyone will be able to integrate into their event, company, or school in a meaningful way.








I visited Sean at his office, located at the HQ Raleigh Loft, to hear more about his business and his ThinkHouse adventure. 

  1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I grew up in the DC area, and my family still lives there. I’ve always been a bit of a square peg, dabbling in music, business, science, engineering, and programming throughout my life. Ultimately, I realized that the ‘thing’ I aim to master is ‘human centered systems design.’ My natural tendency is to arrange people and resources together in order to create stuff.

  1. How did you hear about the ThinkHouse? How did you get the idea of the Betabox?

Jason Widen told me about the idea for ThinkHouse at an event at NC State. I thought it was a great way to connect the university to the broader community, which is why I was excited to join. The original idea for Betabox was to apply the business model of cloud computing to lab facilities. We got the idea during ThinkHouse, and it was informed by our past work as ‘makerspace’ design consultants for multiple universities. 

  1. Tell us about your ThinkHouse experience.

I liked being a part of the first class because I like starting new things. We were able to help define the shape of what ThinkHouse now has become, which was a fascinating thing. I still keep in touch with most of the fellows, especially the ones that pop up around HQ often.

  1. What are you doing now?

Today, I run Betabox out of the HQ Raleigh Loft space with the team. I actually met our Chief Design Officer Michael Hobgood at the kitchen table of ThinkHouse. We love the HQ community because it helped kickstart the growth of our own company culture by embedding us within an active community of creative thinkers. We’re 7 people, one of which is based in San Fransisco. Betabox is growing. We’re working on a new Betabox mobile lab which will operate in the middle of the country. We’re partnering with design firms and agencies to create corporate innovation workshops. We’ve also created dorsal.co which helps hiring managers collaborate with recruiters to hire culture fits.

  1. What is the biggest challenge to starting a business? The biggest reward?

The biggest challenge is achieving product / market fit. Before knowing that you can invest X resources into the business and generate more than X  in a repeatable way, you have to spend all your time improving your product. The reward of starting is the opportunity to create your own universe within which your unique mixture of talents can be best utilized. It’s also rewarding to build an environment for the other people in the company to pursue mastery in their particular field, where success is a possible outcome of doing work. My job is just to be a friction reducer, to eliminate blockers that are keeping people from becoming the very best in the world at what they spend their time doing in Betaversity. A great piece of advice I heard from a fellow HQ Member is to ‘Be a net-exporter of talent.’ I love that phrase, and I think it’s a great goal to strive for. 

  1. Based on your time at the ThinkHouse and your experience starting a company, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

Don’t start a startup because you want to start a startup. ThinkHouse program helped me understand that you have to find a meaningful enough problem to solve to turn it into a new business. The program emphasizes on entrepreneurial thinking, not entrepreneurship thus compelled me to question my idea and avoid building the wrong thing.


As I was talking to Sean, the other Betabox members gathered around their CEO. “Sean is a chess master,” said Michael, “He knows how to think divergently, logically or instinctively, positively. He foresees where the ship he leads is going and trusts his crew.”

Sean, Nicholas, Meredith and Rickey went to NC State together;  Sean met Michael at the ThinkHouse and met Greg around downtown Raleigh. Together through their complementary skillsets and personalities, the team is growing Betabox nationwide.

Montage équipe final

I decided to join the Betaversity Team during one of their monthly dinners. We went to Capital Club 16 in downtown Raleigh, not far from HQ, and I sat in the middle of the table observing.

Sean was pouring the drinks while Rickey started eating. Rickey is always the first to speak and to make the others laugh, far from the stereotypical geeky awkwardness that people associate with engineers. He feels at ease with his team members – it’s an ambitious and motivated group that supports each other personally and professionally.  He accidentally spilled some of his drink on the table.

Nicholas was already handing Rickey a napkin. He was telling the others about this book full of stories he was writing. Nick, or the wise “Obi-wan” as the team nicknamed him, is a believer. He strongly believes that the world is shapeable by everyone, and believes in giving others the power to shape it. It’s this faith in people that brought him back from the Big Apple to join the Betaversity team in Raleigh, where he can grow the company’s user-base.

Michael, who laughed with his team members, is endlessly passionate. When he first met Sean, they spent the whole night talking about BetaBox and Michael helped build the first one. “This is a small lab to solve big problems, and it feels big, nice and bright inside!”. Michael felt bored in the corporate world, so he quit his job and embraced the adventure of working with BetaVersity.

Greg and Meredith were chatting at the other end of the table. She was telling him about her future trip to Japan with her husband and how she might teach English. Greg shares this excitement to teach and educate, and found he could pursue it in BetaVersity. “Imagine all the students who are discovering 3D printing for the first time in the BetaBox,” He said. “Even I get excited about it, and I worked a long time in a technology start-up!”

Meredith nodded her head in agreement. She remembered her time as the President of the NCSU chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). She feels exactly the same while working with children or running corporate workshops in BetaBox. The rational, calm and culinary member of the team, she also does Account Management. That’s what she likes most about working in a start-up: having different hats and opportunities she would have never dreamt of in the corporate world!

In the BetaVersity world, there is lots of growth and enthusiasm about building more mobile prototyping labs all across the country. The next Betabox is planned for March of 2016 in St. Louis. Check out their website or follow them on Twitter for updates!


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ThinkHouse Fellows 2015/2016
ThinkHouse NC opens its doors to ten young entrepreneurs

ThinkHouse NC opens its doors to ten young entrepreneurs
Third-annual Accelerator Program to kick off in August


July 14, 2015: Raleigh, NC — ThinkHouse NC, a nine-month living and learning accelerator based in the historic Boylan Heights neighborhood, announces today its third class of entrepreneurial fellows. The ThinkHouse, founded in fall 2013 by HQ Raleigh co-founders Brooks Bell, Jesse Lipson, Jason Widen, and Christopher Gergen, provides high-caliber mentorship, lean-startup training, resources and workspace to recent college graduates launching their own entrepreneurial ventures.


The 2015-2016 program is the third and largest class of Fellows, with ten young entrepreneurs participating. The third class also welcomes the highest number of female participants yet, with four women-founded businesses.


2015-2016 ThinkHouse Fellows include:


  • Ryan O’Donnell – EmployUs: EmployUs builds software that helps companies win the war for top talent and helps connectors earn money by getting their friends hired.
  • Colin Reaves — LocationINT: LocationINT provides location intelligence and consumer insights to the real estate industry through the cloud.
  • Michael Pham — Insite Ventures: InSite Ventures uses a combination of spatial data, retailer data, and statistics to help retailers with their site selection when picking new locations and help commercial brokers fill vacancies.
  • David LiCause — Broke Compass: Broke Compass is an app that allows business travelers from large companies to connect with their co-workers and build their personal and professional network, while they’re on the road..
  • Kyle Sheats — Run Bucks: Run Bucks a mobile application that incentivizes exercises through redeemable activity points (Run Bucks) and can be redeemed for prizes in the Run Bucks Marketplace.
  • Kate Van Vorst — The Raleigh Arts Collective: The Raleigh Arts Collective is a cultural hub and makerspace, supporting innovative thinking and design.
  • Rebecca Holmes — Ello Raw: Ello Raw has a mission to make healthy, raw foods available for all people.
  • Jared Childs — Pitch & Primer: Pitch & Primer is a place where men can shop local and nationally made clothing and accessories, while enjoying a North Carolina craft beer.
  • Allison Fairbank — Fresh Box: Fresh Box LLC is the first home food preservation company that keeps food fresh longer by scaling down a leading industrial food preservation technology.


These nine companies will participate in the program from mid-August until the end of May 2016, at which point they will join a list of alumni including David Shaner of Offline Media, Sean Maroni of BetaVersity, Michael Hoy of BoomboxFM, Sophia Hyder of Papilia, and more.


For more information on the new fellows or on the eight entrepreneurs who graduated from the program earlier this summer, please visit http://thinkhouse.us.



About ThinkHouse NC: The ThinkHouse is a nine-month action-learning residential accelerator based out of a fully renovated house in Raleigh’s Boylan Heights neighborhood. The program provides recent graduates with the environment, network, resources, and skills required to build profitable and scalable companies.




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Last But Not Least – Say ‘Hey’ to David!

David LiCause - Broke CompassDavid Licause is a UNC graduate with a passion for traveling. Other interests of David’s includes running, cycling, and any excuse to get outdoors. David also likes to spend time teaching the fundamentals of boxing to students through the UNC Boxing Club. David’s company, Broke Compass, is an app that allows business travelers at large companies to connect with their co-workers and build their personal and professional network, while they’re on the road. Whether you’re interested in going to a music festival, surfing at the beach, or just checking out a cool restaurant, use Broke Compass to meet other travelers from your company to join you on your adventure!

|             David Licause             |             LinkedIn            |             Broke Compass             |

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Hey, Kyle!

Kyle Sheats - Run BucksKyle Sheats is a recent NC State graduate who was a member of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, an inaugural member of the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic and one of our 2015-2016 ThinkHouse fellows. Kyle’s company, Run Bucks, in it’s simplest form, is a mobile application that incentivizes exercise through redeemable activity points. These activity points, “Run Bucks”, can be redeemed for prizes within the Run Bucks Marketplace. By providing tangible incentives we introduce new drivers towards a healthier lifestyle and look to focus on runner motivation rather than runner metrics. Other interests include design, photography, and aerial cinematography. We are excited to welcome Kyle into the ThinkHouse this year and can’t wait to see what’s to come for Run Bucks!

|               Kyle Sheats               |               LinkedIn               |               Run Bucks               |

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Welcome, Jared!

Jared Childs - True NorthMeet Jared! He is a NC State Alumni who describes himself as ‘a bit of a marketing nerd who loves brands that are disrupting their industry’. Jared loves Raleigh and thinks we’re blessed to live in a growing city with so much potential. He was also an inaugural member of the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic, a partner of HQ Raleigh’s. Among Jared’s interests, he’s a huge fan of football, bourbon, and craft beers. Jared’s company, Pitch & Primer, is a concept for a men’s retail store in downtown Raleigh where quality styles and craft beer are under one roof. Pitch & Primer is a place where men can shop local and nationally made clothing and accessories, while enjoying a North Carolina craft beer. We focus on the quality and the craftsmanship when curating brands and beers to sell with a heavy emphasis on locally made. We’re looking to redefine the way guys buy clothes by creating an environment unlike any other shopping experience.

|             Jared Childs             |             Twitter             |              LinkedIn              |

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Say ‘Hi’ to Allison!

Allison Fairbank -  Fresh BoxMeet Allison Fairbank one of our 2015-2016 ThinkHouse fellows! Allison is often mistaken for her identical twin sister but her ideas are uniquely her own. Allison is interested in anything food, electronics, and outdoors related. Fresh Box LLC is the first home food preservation company that keeps food fresh longer by scaling down a leading industrial food preservation technology. In the United States 40% of the food produced goes uneaten costing the average family around $2,000 each year.  Fresh Box is aimed to reduce this avoidable food waste and allow households to purchase food with fewer concerns. Unlike other solutions on the market today such as conventional plastic containers, freezing, and canning – Fresh Box truly keeps food fresh while maintaining it’s natural taste, texture and nutritional content. At Fresh Box we are passionate about addressing the world’s greatest energy, environmental and economic challenges.

|             Allison Fairbank             |             Fresh Box LLC              |

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Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca Holmes - Ello RawMeet Rebecca Holmes! She is a recent Duke University graduate with a passion for dance and fitness. Rebecca’s business, Ello Raw, has a mission to make healthy, raw foods available to all people. After years of watching her family struggle with health problems, Becky began to search for a healthy, delicious alternative that everyone could enjoy. Ello Raw dessert bites contain no preservatives, fillers, or fake ingredients. We are so excited to have Becky and Ello Raw representing the ThinkHouse this year and can’t wait to see all of their accomplishments!

|             Rebecca Holmes             |             LinkedIn            |             Ello Raw             |

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Hey, Ryan!

Ryan O'Donnell - EmployUsThis is Ryan O’Donnell! He is a serial social entrepreneur who has built the world’s largest food drive while in high school, launched Pennies 4 Progress into 60,000 schools nation-wide while in college and is on to his next venture as a ThinkHouse fellow. Ryan’s company, EmployUs, is a Raleigh-based human capital management software company founded in 2014. EmployUs builds software that helps companies win the war for top talent and connectors earn money helping their friends get hired. With our web and mobile application, connectors from inside and outside of a company can refer professionals they know to hiring companies and earn referral bonuses with every hire. Founded by a serial social entrepreneur, Ryan O’Donnell, and seasoned human capital executive, Jeff Stocks, EmployUs is creating a world where everyone works where they belong.

|             Ryan O’Donnell             |             LinkedIn             |

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Welcome, Kate!

Kate VanVorst - Raleigh Art CollectiveKate VanVorst is a bike commuter, dog owner, music lover, and 2015-2016 ThinkHouse Fellow. Her passions and work are intentionally intertwined, and her favorite hobbies include going to concerts, rock climbing, attending community events, and rock climbing. Kate’s company, The Raleigh Arts Collective (RAC), is a cultural hub and makerspace supporting innovative thinking and design.  The RAC is a membership-based community and facility offering industrial tools, classes and workshops, event space and consultation. They support collaboration and a D-I-Y ethic by providing the space and equipment necessary to make your idea or project a reality. Their multi-purpose space also hosts meet-up groups, fundraisers, product launches, and other community events.  The flagship location is at 500 Royal Street and is slated to open in late summer 2015. We are excited to have Kate as a ThinkHouse fellow this year and can’t wait to see what The Raleigh Arts Collective will have in store!

|          Kate VanVorst            |         The Raleigh Arts Collective        |

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Say ‘Hi’ to Michael!

Michael Pham - Insite VenturesThis is Michael Pham, a North Carolina native with a background in Real Estate and Econometrics. Michael has co-founded his company, InSite Ventures, with fellow ThinkHouse fellow, Collin Reaves. InSite uses a combination of spatial data, retailer data, and statistics for 2 purposes in the retail industry.  1. Help retailers with their site selection decision making process when picking new locations. 2. Help commercial brokers/asset managers fill vacancies by providing them a list of retailers who would be a good fit for their retail center. We are excited to see what Michael and InSite Ventures offers to the ThinkHouse community this year!



|             Michael Pham             |             LinkedIn              |

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